Welcome to the Hub Alliance - an affiliation of Business-to-Business e-Trading Service Providers (or 'hubs') who have implemented a ground breaking initiative to interconnect different hubs ensuring that electronic trading is easier for all the hub users.
Buyers and suppliers are now benefiting from process efficiencies and enhanced visibility made possible through the exchange of electronic trading documents, such as orders and invoices. The traditional ‘paper and post’ process is clearly inappropriate as a means of moving data from one computer to another. e-Trading Service Providers have helped businesses to reduce the time, cost and environmental impact associated with manual processing. The Hub Alliance delivers integration between leading electronic trading hubs so that exchange can be achieved without having to join multiple hubs.


Buyers and Suppliers connected to Alliance member hubs are now able to realise the return on their investment in B2B e-Trading via the Hub Alliance's "connect-once" convenience.


The Hub Alliance represents a wide and diverse range of companies actively using eTrading technologies and practises to engage with their Supply Chains. All of these companies see the growth of the Hub Alliance as a major development that will make adoption of these technologies and practises easier, more widespread and more effective.