E-Trading Thought Leaders’ Forum


November 2012, LONDON
At a time when the political and commercial heat was being turned up on e-Invoicing, it was essential for service providers to be clear about how to support this new business landscape and to address the challenges it had created. From the EU Directives to the formation of EESPA and from SME’s to Multinationals, were we clear how to best deliver our respective services and to build an interconnected market that maximised growth, customer value and operational compliance?
This event provided a unique opportunity for a round table debate covering the following range of subjects that were of direct interest to leaders within the eTrading sector:
• What is compliance? • On what basis should we interoperate? • How should we address eTrading beyond the EU? • What is customer value & how do we meet their demands? • Are low volume users a problem?


Construction eTrading Hubs sign alliance to make electronic trading easier for all their customers

Companies across the UK Construction industry have been joining eCommerce


HUB Alliance Establishes Interoperability for e-Commerce Exchanges

Buyers and suppliers are now benefiting from process efficiencies and enhanced visibility


HUB Alliance announces interoperation on the basis of TWIST standards

The Hub Alliance, the organisation that inter connects electronic data hubs


Hub Alliance and banks explore synergies

The Hub Alliance, a grouping of four business exchange providers


Bridging The Trade Divide

In their May 2007 ‘Market Overview’, International Banking Systems


BasWare Einvoices - newest member of Hub Alliance

BasWare Einvoices strengthens its participation in promoting e-invoicing and e-trading in Europe.


Hub Alliance Responds to European Challenge and Continues to Expand

The increasing challenge within the European Community to facilitate the widespread adoption of eInvoicing


Contractors Group – IT Group – Electronic Trading.

Contractors Group – IT Group – Electronic Trading.


E-Trading Thought Leaders’ Forum

At a time when the political